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Toothpaste box is one of the most common packaging in our daily life.In recent years, as the global trend of green packaging environmental protection continues to hit, people are more and more inclined to choose environmentally friendly simple packaging, to replace the past kind of colorful paper box + plastic tube packaging combination.


Recently, Brazilian designer Allan Gomes got a lot of attention for Coolpaste, a packaging design project.

The packaging cuts out the carton and replaces the traditional plastic tube with a paper tube, turning the toothpaste into a hanging display in a different way.The plant fiber material can be recycled and degraded to avoid the possible pollution after the use.

Such toothpaste paper packaging, no matter the appearance level, or in green environmental protection, have been greatly improved.


Packaging reduction, recycling, biodegradable

Packaging reduction, recycling, biodegradable has become a new demand for development, green packaging design concept from this fire.How to save the material, make the material easy to recycle and decompose, has become a big topic in packaging industry.

When green sustainability becomes the main theme of packaging development trend, we are bound to see more innovative paper packaging born, let’s look forward to it!

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