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Eco Friendly Tea Packaging Box

Chinese tea has a long history, and tea tasting has become an indispensable part of Chinese people’s daily life.

If tea is an ancient drink, carrying a rich history and culture, then the exquisitely designed and profound tea packaging can show the long-standing tea culture.

A good tea packaging design can contain more cultural connotations on the basis of practicality and beauty, and can convey to consumers the cultural heritage and characteristics of the product.

This tea box illustration is based on the landscape of the Dongbai Mountain foothills, where the diversified vegetation style interprets the scene of the four seasons, and expresses its changes with the blending of colors.

This tea box refers to the classic architectural style of Suzhou gardens. Through the use of hollow design, users can see the three-dimensional landscape paper sculptures on the inner layer.

Each tea has its own characteristics. You can design packaging works in line with the temperament of the product according to different types of tea, so that consumers can better understand the characteristics of each tea and stimulate their desire to buy.

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