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what types of boxes can we make ?

I think there should be a lot of people who don’t know us very well and don’t know what boxes we can make. When looking at our website, maybe thinking can we make heart shaped boxes? Can it be made into a folding box? Do you make a handmade box?

Yes, we can make these boxes.

Next I’ll go into more detail about what we can make:

① Paper tube

② Round box

③ Heart Shape Box

④ handmade box

⑤ Clamshell Box

⑥ Conjoined Box

⑦ Drawer Box

⑧ Folding Box

Lid and Base Box/ Two Pieces Box

⑩ Suitcase Box

⑪ Two Pieces Box With Lip

⑫ Special-shaped box

⑬ paper bag

⑭ paper straw

⑮ paper card

If you need a custom box or want to design your own box shape please contact us, we are always here.

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