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Customize a variety of Luxury flower boxes

Are you still worried about the packaging of flowers? Are you still troubled by the design of the flower box?
If yes, we are very honored to help you solve this problem.

We have been making flower gift packaging boxes for some brand merchants for a long time. And we have a special paper tube machine to make cylinder flower boxes.

Our paper tube machine has more than 100 sizes of models, these sizes are relatively common sizes, which can well meet the needs of most customers

We are a manufacturer specializing in custom packaging boxes. You can print your own brand logo, pattern or other text on the box, which can deepen the image of your brand in the hearts of customers, and also allow customers to know you better s brand.

We can customize it according to your needs. Common flower boxes are round, heart-shaped and square. Of course, you can also design some unique flower boxes for us to make. These special boxes can draw positive attention from your customers, thereby impressing them with your brand.

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Specially customized flower boxes can not only enhance brand awareness, but also promote product sales.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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