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What Is A Surprise Gift Packaging Box

Packaging plays an important role in your buyer’s journey, and expectations for packaging are amplified during the holidays.

It is precisely because of this that many companies will deliberately design unique product packaging during important festivals, which not only contains festival elements on the product, but also attracts customers. When shopping for products, there are both products and holiday-specific gift boxes, cleverly providing a convenient gift option for those who don’t have time to shop and wrap gifts. People also experience the surprise and joy of unboxing after receiving the gift.

What do you need to pay attention to when making gift boxes?

  • Add a surprise element.

The gift itself is already a surprise, waiting to be unboxed. With clever packaging design, you can turn surprises into cherished memories.

You can add festive graphics to the exterior printing of custom boxes so that your product can surprise and warm people during the festive season.

  • Deliver company or holiday information.

Putting greeting cards or labels in the gift box and adding some company or holiday information on it will not only effectively make everyone feel the festive atmosphere, but also make customers remember you.

  • Choose a focal design element.

Just like writing a story, designing your holiday packaging becomes more effective if the main information or intention is clear—like a title, if you will.

The primary element needs to be highlighted, which you can emphasize through size or color, and then sprinkle the remaining space with smaller holiday shapes or text. Giving these elements hierarchy ties up all your components nicely while shining the spotlight on the focus of your design.

Early Holiday Packaging Prep

With holiday packaging, early planning and preparation can save you from stressful waiting. It also gives you the edge of having your products ready for the early gift shoppers.

So yes, in addition to designing unforgettable holiday unboxing, timing is an equally important factor if you want to benefit from the high demand for gift-ready pieces.

Make the most of this unboxing season to grow your sales, build your audience, and expand your brand’s reach. These will all help you make a smashing entry into the new year.

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