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How to choose a garment packaging box

There are many kinds of packaging boxes and different shapes. So, among the many packaging boxes, how to choose the clothes packaging box?

When choosing a clothing box, you need to consider the following aspects:

1、Material Selection Of The Box

Whether it is a food packaging box or a clothing packaging box, materials need to be selected in advance. Because the packaging effect formed by different materials is different, the overall effect of the product will be affected after molding. Generally speaking, for the design of high-end clothing packaging cartons, designers usually use kraft paper, cardboard or specialty paper as packaging materials, because these papers have higher density and hardness, and the resulting cartons are more beautiful.

2、Product Design

The packaging box needs to design the product pattern, font and surface treatment according to the audience of the product. If there is a need to highlight the position, you can choose hot stamping, embossing, graining, debossing, and other processes.

3、Transportation Cost

Most of the customers buy the packaging box from their own company for packaging products. If the box is too large, it will take up a lot of space, and it will greatly increase the shipping cost, so the cost is very expensive. Therefore, when choosing a packaging box, you can choosing a folding box can not only fold up to save space, but also save freight, which greatly saves transportation costs.

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