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Protecting The Environment Starts From Packaging

I found that in recent years, many brands have paid more attention to product packaging materials in addition to the ingredients, efficacy and research and development. Therefore, there are also some excessive packaging phenomena, which not only increases the cost of products, but also brings pressure to the environment.

However, with the popularity of environmental protection awareness, some brands not only design packaging with recognizable appearance, but also start to try to realize the environmental protection concept of sustainable development in packaging.

For example, refills that only appeared on daily necessities such as hand sanitizer and laundry detergent in the past are now appearing more frequently in beauty products. More brands insist on using recyclable materials in the production of outer packaging

1、Express Box

① Tape-free carton

Most of the traditional express boxes are wrapped with layers of tape, which is not only troublesome to disassemble, but also not easy to degrade. The discarded tape takes at least 100 years to decompose naturally in the soil, and the impact on the natural environment can be imagined.

Therefore, many brands have begun to use tape-free express cartons, discarding the cumbersome tape, and directly opening the seal to open the box, which is more convenient and faster than traditional express boxes. And this kind of packaging is also better in sealing during transportation.

② Environmental protection honeycomb paper

In addition, in most express boxes, in order to avoid product damage, shock-proof foam and plastic will be added, which belong to express garbage like tape.

In order to be green and environmentally friendly, some brands have begun to use environmentally friendly honeycomb paper. This material also has cushioning and shock-proof effects, but it can be recycled and degraded naturally, which is especially in line with the environmental protection concept of “replacing plastic with paper”.

2、Outer packaging

Beauty products are one of the over-packaged products. After all, the outer packaging of each product is essential. In addition to the printing of product ingredients, efficacy and instructions for use, a lot of paper and ink will be used. .

① Recyclable packaging material

I have recently observed the outer packaging of some brands and found that many of them use renewable materials as packaging materials, which can reduce the use of wood and carbon dioxide emissions, such as LAN, Zhiben, vitregen and Her beast. All have the recyclable logo printed on them.
Lan uses recycled paper made from bagasse, and the Eastside Beast also states that it uses 100% recycled paper.

② Soybean ink printing

It is understood that soybean ink is easier to deink than ordinary ink, and the damage to the paper is small, and the waste soybean ink residue after deinking treatment is easier to degrade. All in all, when using soybean ink and regenerating it, it will not produce toxic and harmful substances to the environment, which is an ideal environmentally friendly printing method. This ink can be completely integrated into the natural environment after being decomposed, and it is a truly applicable environment-friendly ink.

3、Empty bottle recycling

How to dispose of empty bottles of used skin care products? You can use these empty bottles to make handmade products. If you don’t want to reuse them, you can directly recycle the empty bottles.

① Brand recycling

Empty bottle recycling activities are more popular. For example, many brands under L’Oreal, such as Lancome, Yuxi and Kiehl’s, will carry out empty bottle recycling.

4、Secondary utilization

When the essence, essence water and cleansing oil are used up, you can use the empty bottle to make aromatherapy, and the empty bottle can be turned into a fire-free aromatherapy in seconds. Especially with some high-value empty bottles, it looks like the aromatherapy sold in the market.

Empty bottles and flowers are also a perfect combination, you can make vases according to your own ideas.

If you like candle aromatherapy, you can also buy essential oils, candle wicks and natural soy wax to make scented candles.Since scented candles need to be burned, it is more suitable for the empty bottle of eye cream, face cream or makeup remover with a wide bottle mouth and high temperature resistance for transformation.

Do you have the experience of using packaging to make products twice? If not, you can try it if you are interested.

You can also contact us or send email to if you need custom boxes, we have been making packaging container for more than twelve years.

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