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Hot-Sale Packaging trends for 2022-2023, do you know?

As the most visited packaging design website in the world, Dieline is highly authoritative and professional in the field of packaging design. The Dieline Awards held by it are the most prestigious and competitive awards in the design industry.

Recently, Dieline released the 2022 Packaging Design Trend Report, which explains the more possibilities that packaging design will create by analyzing new trends.

Here are the 5 biggest packaging trends for 2022-2023:

1、Accept different packaging designs

2、Simple style

3、The Importance of Illustrations

4、Exotic Packaging Design

5、Eco-friendly Packaging

Be open and inclusive to appeal to Gen Z

Flying Embers

The open attitude of Generation Z has brought inclusive packaging design to the forefront, and the overly single and conservative concept has been unable to attract young consumers. Brands can be meme-oriented (referring to the thoughts, behaviors or styles exchanged between people in the same cultural atmosphere), adopting a collage-like format, boldly combining disparate elements to fit the aesthetic preferences of young consumers.

Simple style, still the mainstream

Although many brands have chosen to discard the simple style, this does not affect its status as the mainstream packaging design style in the world. When mobile media has become the main channel of communication, brands hope to display products perfectly, and the very modern and simple design style is just convenient for product packaging to be displayed on screens of different sizes.

Pentagram( Partner) Natasha Jen

“Now that people are really realizing the storytelling power and visual beauty that illustrations can bring, products and services are related to the culture behind different places, and illustrations actually convey this more directly than other design elements.”


The global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has made international travel extremely difficult, and the long-term monotony of home life has made people eager to travel. Brands can add exotic packaging designs to product packaging designs

Eco-friendly packaging, where the trend lie

Sustainable packaging, as an inevitable trend in the new era, has also influenced and won the support of more and more consumers, which fully shows that the popularity of environmentally friendly packaging will continue to rise.

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