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Detailed process of packaging carton customization

1. Communication stage

① What type of packaging box is needed? Cosmetics, medicines, health products, or gifts, what kind of box type? What materials to use? What kind of effect is needed?

② How many prints? How long is the delivery cycle? How much is the price?

③ Information from both parties, communication plan.

④ For the selected companies that meet the requirements, understand the company’s strength through websites, telephones, WeChat, and relevant materials, whether there are corresponding qualifications and stable production capacity, and finally select manufacturers that meet the requirements.

Detailed process of packaging carton customization

2. Signing a contract

Confirm the style, material, size, design, production cycle, etc. of the product, and sign a cooperation agreement.

① Product confirmation

  1. Material

Common packaging box materials include: white cardboard, silver cardboard, gray board, coated paper, corrugated paper, etc.

  1. Box type

Positive and negative buckles (same direction buckles), self-locking bottom, bottom sticking side, top and bottom cover box, special-shaped box, etc.

  1. Printing process

Reverse glazing, embossing, hot stamping, hot silver, lamination, etc., specific process manufacturers can provide suggestions and guidance!

②Printing, design price, process requirements

Determine the final price based on material, quantity, printing, design and other requirements.

③Production cycle

Confirm the design cycle (generally 1-3 days), delivery cycle (generally 7-15 days).

④Packaging box design

Provide reference boxes, graphic materials, process requirements, etc. to manufacturers, make documents, and communicate on relevant details.

⑤Packaging box proofing

After the sample is made, the manufacturer confirms that the sample meets its requirements. If not, put forward corresponding modification suggestions and determine the final plan.

3. Confirm the order

After confirming that the sample (packaging box) is correct, place an order to start customized packaging box production.


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