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Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing

1. Use Christmas colors – green and red

Christmas trees, lights, ornaments – all are symbolized by green and red. Guess what, they’re perfect for Christmas packaging designs too.

Using these two colors in a Christmas-themed box can clearly express the time of year.

Even if you don’t want to make major changes to your brand this holiday season, it never hurts to add a touch of festive color to your packaging.

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing

2. Use different festive mixes of gold and black

Black evokes elegance and simplicity, while gold evokes luxury and adds a sense of appeal.

Even the simplest patterns will look more upscale when designed in these two colors.

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing

3. Get inspired by rustic design

The rustic design creates an organic warmth and takes full advantage of simplicity.

They can be successfully incorporated into all types of products, as almost every product stands out more when it’s a little rustic and rough around the edges.

This natural, earthy brown pairs well with monochrome prints such as white, black, gray or gold.

4. Get inspired by the “Scandinavian sweater” style

For a while, Instagram was filled with photos of people wearing Christmas-themed sweaters while standing in front of a warm fireplace. While you may think these photos are tacky, here’s a tip.

When looking for design inspiration, keep an open mind. In addition to heart-warming “ugly sweaters,” Christmas sweaters are filled with all kinds of amazing patterns.

5. Embossed

This is a printing technology that creates a 3D effect on the surface of the box. By adding this novel design to the surface of the box, you will solve the tactile problem. Combine an embossed surface with hot stamping and you’ll get a glowing effect, right under the Christmas tree!

6. Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a method of imprinting specific parts of a pattern with luminous foil. The result is a very original, glossy pattern. Start by adding hot stamping to your brand logo or name, or use the hot stamping texture to create a special holiday symbol. You can also add iron-on stamping lining to the text printed on your Christmas packaging.

7. Print Christmas themed tags

Encourage your customers to go online by printing holiday labels on their boxes.

This is a way to use packaging for advertising. Gather your customers in one place and let them share the packaging you design!

8. Create custom inserts and partitions internally

Do you like to keep things tidy?

Many of your customers think so too.

That’s why they like boxes with special dividers inside. These simple cardboard inserts increase packaging security and provide better amortization. Therefore, the products inside will arrive intact.

There are also other options for custom liners. If your product is too small (such as a candle jar), consider choosing a different type of packaging. Drawer boxes with sliding bottoms or hard boxes with lids are both good options.

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing

9. Use ribbon

Ribbons are the ultimate accessory on gift boxes.

But don’t think this is a cliche. Ribbons can add a touch of novelty to your design and create extra space for your branding.

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing

10. Decorate the box with stickers

Stickers are small items that can be stuck anywhere. In your holiday design, the stickers can include the words “Merry Christmas” or small holiday symbols.

You can also use stickers to print your logo to make it stand out. This will increase your “gift value” and be a nice little gift for your customers.

11. Add DIY elements

Who says you need to do everything alone?

Christmas is all about personalization. Encourage the recipient to add something special to the box. Send them a Christmas tree branch or a small bag with stickers and let the customer get creative with the rest.


12. Create packaging kit

Christmas is all about opening luxurious gift boxes and beautiful presents. Even if you’re very environmentally conscious, you can still make the exciting unboxing moment last longer.

Create packaging sets with your branding. Here are some ideas:

A simple designed kraft paper bag can be used as the outer layer to protect the packaging box. Plus, it’s a tasteful way to increase brand awareness.
Wrap your product in tissue paper and place it in a special mailing box.
Start the unboxing experience with the mailing bag!

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Color Mixing


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