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What is a package insert?

A package insert is an additional accessory placed inside a package to enhance the customer’s out-of-the-box experience and protect the product during transportation. It can be made from different types of packaging materials and can be used for different purposes such as providing product information or preventing damage.

These inserts are further subdivided into two types, such as

1.Box inserts
2.Promotional inserts

Let’s start by exploring what box inserts are and their types

What is a package insert?

Box Inserts
Box inserts gently protect your products and safeguard them throughout the shipping process. They provide critical support from the manufacturing stage to the moment of unpacking.

Additionally, some packaging inserts can be custom printed with brand logos to enhance the interior of the box.

There are various types of box inserts, such as

1.Corrugated liner
4.Pulp Molding

What is a package insert?

Corrugated Liners

Made from durable and lightweight materials, corrugated liners provide excellent cushioning and support for products during transportation. They can be customized to fit any shape or size product.
Foam Inserts
Ideal for delicate and fragile products, foam inserts provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning. Foam inserts are available in a variety of densities and can be customized to fit a product’s specific shape.

Plastic Inserts

Plastic inserts are strong and durable and provide excellent support and protection for products. They can be custom molded to the shape of the product and are available in a variety of materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate.

Molded pulp inserts

Molded pulp inserts are made from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They are ideal for products that require lightweight protection and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them versatile and customizable.

Promotional inserts

Promotional inserts are used to build strong relationships with your customers and include things like thank you notes and discount codes. They are used to market and promote your brand. By adding a personalized message to these package inserts, you can build authenticity and promote your brand at the same time.

All in all, using inserts in your packaging is an excellent way to add value to your customer experience and make your product stand out in the marketplace. With personalized boxes, you can increase customer satisfaction, position your brand as an expert, and foster loyalty and trust among your audience.


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