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Secondary Packaging Is a Brand’s First Impression

From folding cartons to combo boxes, value-added secondary packaging is a brand’s first impression, from luxury to sustainability and beyond.

The beauty industry has experienced phenomenal double-digit growth over the past few years, especially in the U.S. While the mass market is also growing, prestige stands out overall. Last year, sales growth for prestige beauty products outpaced all other general merchandise and CPG sectors tracked by omnichannel market analyst Circana. Circana

attributes this growth to consumers’ desire to purchase “little luxuries” that they can buy as a treat and that bring them joy.

This trend is impacting both physical stores and online sales. With consumers increasingly focusing on reading labels, secondary packaging is now in the spotlight as the first interaction consumers have with a product. Brands are seizing this opportunity to deliver impactful messaging across a variety of channels, including materials, sizes, colors, shapes, embossing, lasers, logos, graphic technologies, certifications and more.

Today’s secondary packaging not only keeps products safe, but is also carefully designed to grab attention, leave a lasting impression, and often tell a compelling sustainability story—all at the same time. In fact, the right carton can influence and attract consumers and lead to sales.

Secondary Packaging Is a Brand’s First Impression


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