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Types of wine packaging boxes

Wine boxes are usually called wine packaging boxes or red wine gift boxes, that is, the outer packaging of wine, which has the function of protecting red wine for convenient transportation and storage, and is also conducive to the sales of wine from a certain perspective. Wine packaging boxes include wooden boxes, paper boxes, metal boxes and leather boxes.

Wooden wine boxes: usually include log wine boxes (mostly made of pine, paulownia, etc.), imitation mahogany wine boxes (mostly made of density board, etc.), with various shapes and mostly used for mid-to-high-end wine packaging.

Types of wine packaging boxes

Wine paper boxes: mostly made of cardboard, corrugated paper, special paper, etc., because the raw materials are paper, which is convenient for secondary recycling, the shape can be diversified, and it is convenient for other processes, so wine paper boxes are widely used in wine packaging.

Metal wine boxes: There are fewer markets and they are not widely used. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy, iron, other alloys, etc.

Wine leather boxes: Most of them are made of artificial leather such as PU and PVC. Leather packaging is more suitable for the characteristics of wine. From the capacity, they can be divided into single pack, double pack, 6 pack, etc.


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