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What preparations need to be done before making the box?

Do you know how to making paper box ? What machine do you need to make a box ? How many steps to make a box ? What preparations need to be done before making the box ?

After reading this article, you will know.

Preparations for making the box

  • First step, making die-cutting mold.

This machine is die-cutting mold making machine. We need to make a die-cutting mold based on the size you required by using this machine. It can make different die-cutting molds according to custom sizes required by our customers. We can make any sizes of the boxes you want.

  • The second step—die cut.

We are has six cutting machines. They can cut paper, cardboard or EVA based on the die-cut mold we have made. Let me introduce how it works: first, put the mold into the right position on the machine; second, cut the paper. Then the paper or cardboard will come out in the desired shape.

What preparations need to be done before making the box?
  • The third step, we will do some process for logo.

For example, hot stamping. These two machines are hot stamping machines. The feature of hot stamping is that the logo on paper is shiny. In this case, the logo can be abvious and it stands out. It’s easy for customers to regonize your brand. Besides gold color, we have silver color, and other colors. We have a catalogue for the colors of hot stamping. You can choose whatever you like.

What preparations need to be done before making the box?

Well, now we have finished the preparation process of making boxes. Making mold, Cutting paper and cardboard, doing hot stamping, all these preparation production are completed in first floor. Then we will do hand work on our production lines in second floor.

Next time I will introduce how our factory makes handmade boxes.

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