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How To Make A Box And How Many Steps Are Required

Do you know how to making box ? How many process of making boxes ?

I’ll answer those questions for you today.

We mainly do the preparatory work on the first floor and make handmade boxes on the second floor. This is our main feature – handmade boxes. We have more than 100 employees, most of whom have been working in our factory for more than 10 years. They are very good at making boxes. So you can trust our quality. Let’s take a look at our production line. First row, they are gluing grey cardboard. By doing this, they can turn the cardboard into the basic shape of the box. Look? This flat cardboard is glued into a box shape.

The second and third line, they are sticking(pasting/mounting) the paper on the cardboard. You can see a glue machine there. It is very convenient, useful and high-speed. Put the paper through glue machine, then the workers will mount the paper in right place. This step is very important. It is one of the main factors that decide the quality. If the workers have no much experience, they can not mount the paper smooth and flat. If they can not past it well, then there will be wrinkles on box. On each line, there is a inspection worker, he will take out the ones with defects.

After mounting the outside paper on box, then we will mount the paper for inside of box. We will complete cover and base. Then we will do quality inspection again for a whole box. Our quality inspect workers will check the inside and outside of box to see if there is any glue dots. Some of them can be wiped out. We will wipe and make sure the box is clean. Also, we will see if there is wrinkles on surface of box. And other defects of unqualified handwork. We will take the unqualified boxes out, in order to make sure the ones to be packed in cartons are perfect.

Finally, we put the whole box in a poly bag to keep in clean and safe. And then put it into strong cartons. The strong export cartons are safe during shipping. So you can rest assured that the boxes will be good when you receive them. We will put the cartons on pallets and store in our warehouse, waiting for shipping. Our warehouse is in first floor, very conveient for loading container.

Ok, this is the whole process of making boxes in our factory. I hope you like our facotry.

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