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How Important Customized Product Packaging Is To Sales?

Never underestimate the impact of custom product packaging. Custom packaging can make or break a product. A successful box can not only highlight the selling point of the product, but also help the merchant to close the deal.

A few reports on custom packaging:

  • According to the Flexible Packaging Association’s 2015 Brand Value Study, 80% of brand owners agree that packaging influences brand value.
  • Businesses also see a 30% increase in consumer interest when they use premium packaging, as the e-commerce Packaging Survey reports.
  • MidAtlantic Packaging states that 59% of shoppers under 45 see chic packaging as the number one selling point.

Custom Handmade Clothing Box

Your packaging needs to do more than stand out. The environmental impact of its materials is also important:

Relevant information shows that people will not only pay attention to packaging, but also pay attention to the impact of materials on the environment.
According to the 2018 State of the Packaging Industry Report, 57% of customers “cited sustainability and recyclability as the top packaging trend. The same report also shows that 60% of the respondent companies have projects with sustainability efforts.
Dotcom Distribution’s 2015 Survey confirmed the eco-conscious mindset of consumers: 57% of them indicated the importance of eco-friendly packaging, while 61% will include a product’s use of eco-friendly packaging as a purchase consideration.
The 2014 Contract Packaging Association and The Paper Worker’s research shows that 63% of shoppers actively reuse the packaging of the products they buy.

How can we not only customize packaging but also protect the environment?
In my opinion, custom box packaging is the best solution at the moment, but this is just a suggestion.

Customize personalized and eco-friendly packaging for your products.

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