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Questions To Consider When Choosing A Shopping Gift Bag

Now shopping, people are more and more in pursuit of portability. If people do not have shopping bags when shopping, and use other packaging boxes to pack items, it will greatly increase the pressure of shoppers. However, if we use shopping bags, what material should we choose?

When we consider our own products before paper bags, plastic bags, and reusable non-woven bags, you consider how to package the products that customers buy.

In order to get the right shopping bag for your product, here are a few things you should consider when ordering a custom bag:

1、The weight of the product

Some products are larger and heavier. For such products, choose a packaging bag with a better weight to prevent customers from disconnecting the handle when shopping. For example, jewelry and cosmetics are small and light, and these products can be packaged in paper bags, which are both environmentally friendly and advanced.

2、The privacy of the product

Some products will involve customer privacy, such products should choose opaque packaging, such as medicines, clothes or other products. These products are small in size and can be packed in paper bags or non-woven bags for sensitive ones, but considering the appearance and price, I prefer paper bags.

3、The value of the product

The higher the value of the product, the more important it is to consider whether the packaging of the product is beautiful. Such as wine, tea, flowers and other products, these products are generally given to others as gifts, so choose beautiful and sturdy packaging bags. Paper bags, plastic bags, and non-woven bags are the three most suitable packaging bags, which are not only beautiful, environmentally friendly and sturdy, but also protect the privacy of customers.

4、Packaging Design

Match your product to the bag. Choose the right packaging to repeatedly promote your company’s image/logo to increase brand awareness. Cost shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a bag or box. Companies must maintain their image. Bags are more than gift packaging, they are the link between your customers, your products and your store.

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