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Customize Gift Boxes To Give Customers A Better Experience

The holiday season is right around the corner, and so is the peak sales season. If you want your performance to increase, now is a good opportunity. Customize unique packaging to make your products more eye-catching.

If you don’t have a custom gift box yet, then you need to start preparing, because the time for preparing materials, production, and transportation needs to be reserved. If the time is too tight, the time to reach your destination may be delayed.

Custom packaging can boost your sales, but it will also impress your customers and make them more aware of your products.

1、Bright colors

85% of consumers buy products based on color.

Imagine that you have a product in a blue box and a product in a black box when you are selecting products, which one would you notice or which one would you look at first? Probably the former.
In a crowded holiday market, color is a great way to grab consumers’ attention. More and more brands are choosing to express this through their packaging. With holiday packaging, you can choose vibrant and happy colors to convey a celebratory mood to your customers. The more popular holiday colors are green, red, blue, white, silver and pink.

2、Unique design

Unique shape is more attractive to customers.
Imagine that during Christmas, some boxes have simple shapes, while others have trees and irregular shapes. Which one is more attractive to customers? The answer is definitely the latter.

3、A sense of resonance

Everyone has memories in their hearts, and nostalgia is a powerful emotional buying trigger and a trendy packaging idea for the holiday season. You can use vintage designs, familiar childhood patterns, characters, and even classic holiday imagery and elements to evoke this feeling.

4、Sustainable Packaging Materials

More and more people are aware of the importance of environmental protection, so they can choose recyclable materials when choosing packaging box materials.

There are many ways to make sustainable packaging more appealing and luxurious, making this trend both intuitive and compelling.

5、Holiday Illustrations

Illustrations are great packaging design elements that create a strong first impression on customers and tell them what the product is inside. By using bright colors and illustrations that fit the holiday theme (Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowflakes, etc.), take illustration to the extreme during the holiday season and your sales will increase.

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