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Is the packaging of the jewelry important ?

Packaging is essential for every product. A beautiful jewelry packaging can not only bring bright effects to customers, let customers leave an impression of the product, but also increase its sales.

The role of packaging

  1. Protect the goods: Let the product avoid damage during transportation.
  2. Promote sales: People’s aesthetic level is gradually improving, and the packaging requirements for products are getting higher and higher, so the more delicate the jewelry packaging, the easier it is to win the attention and trust of customers.
  3. Increase profit: Exquisite packaging will raise the price of the product and have greater profit margins.
  4. Advertising: You can print your company’s information on the box to deepen the impression of customers.

Jewelry Packaging Requirements

  1. The packaging should be commensurate with the value of the product. If the value of the packaging is higher than the product, additional costs will be added. If the value of the product is high but the packaging is not good-looking, the value of the product will be reduced.
  2. The packaging should be elegant and delicate.
  3. The packaging should show the characteristics or style of the product. If you follow the trend, you will lose your own characteristics.
  4. The packaging design takes into account the convenience of use, storage and carrying.
  5. The text description on the package should be close to the customer’s psychology and highlight the key points.
  6. Packaging should consider the customs and religious beliefs of customers.

Jewelry packaging precautions:

  1. Highlight product features
    It is necessary to highlight not only product highlights, but also the company’s image.
  2. Material selection:
    Jewelry is generally easier to scratch, so when choosing materials, jewelry boxes should be soft and sturdy materials, such as paper, suede leather, leather and other materials.
  3. Packaging style:
    People’s aesthetics will change, and the packaging cannot be static. It is necessary to change the packaging of the product in time to increase the freshness.

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